Survey: 50% of Texas restaurants won't be open six months from now

Survey: 50% of Texas restaurants won't be open six months from now (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - A new survey just released is painting a very rough picture of what the future may hold for Texas restaurants.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 50% of Texas restaurant owners surveyed say their restaurants won't be open six months from now.

71% of them say that even if they are, their sales won't be anywhere near what they were before the pandemic.

A spokesperson with the Texas Restaurant Association says Congress needs to get it together and get them some help before it's too late.

"This is Congress at its absolute worst. They're playing partisan politics and there are people on the end of this and that's one thing they seem to forget over and over again is there are people there are families that are going to be affected by this. We have plenty of restaurants in this state who are family-owned and every single family member works in that restaurant and always has -- what's going to happen to them? They're going to close and then what?,” said Anna Tauzin from the Texas Restaurant Association.

While Congress argues over the relief bill, Tauzin says Governor Abbott should step in and do something to help Texas restaurants.

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