After Uvalde, schools train for reuniting parents with children during emergencies

Schools train for reuniting parents with children during emergencies after Uvalde. (Photo: The National Desk via KABB)

As the school shooting unfolded in Uvalde, Texas, frightened parents showed up at the school, one even saying she was arrested for trying to find out information about her child. One school district is working on that aspect of school emergencies, with a two-day training session focused on the reunification of parents and their children.

More than 100 administrators in Olentangy schools in central Ohio gathered last week to consider how to keep parents better informed and to connect them with their children as an emergency unfolds.

The training was led by the I Love U Guys Foundation, a non-profit which was founded by parents who lost a daughter to violence.

Administrators learned to connect parents with their kids in an orderly and accurate way.

Parents are going to arrive, they're going to be greeted and then they're going to check in and make sure that they have an ID,” Dan Rector, with the foundation, said.

"We want to verify that whoever shows up is who they say they are and that they are on that emergency contact roster," Rector added.

Rector said the protocol is useful not just in a school shooting situation but in any emergency, too.

Olentangy officials said they will share the information with parents through the district website and through emails.

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