Mother chimp at Maryland Zoo interacts with adopted baby chimp

Mother chimp at Maryland Zoo interacts with adopted baby chimp (Courtesy: Maryland Zoo)

BALTIMORE, Md. (SBG) — The Maryland Zoo shared an adorable video of a mother chimpanzee interacting with a baby chimpanzee adopted by the zoo.

Lola’s mom Bunny interacts with baby chimpanzee Maisie the most of the adult chimps. She leads Maisie from place to place and seems to oversee which chimps socialize with her," The Maryland Zoo wrote on Facebook.

About halfway through the video, mother chimpanzee Bunny is seen poking baby Maisie in the stomach as she gently plays with her.

Maise was adopted by The Maryland Zoo in September 2020. According to the zoo's website, Maise was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo on Aug. 28 but was moved to The Maryland Zoo to be paired with a surrogate mother and interact with other baby chimpanzees after her birth mother was unable to properly care for her.

"Playing with Lola and Violet, napping, and eating from a bottle provided by keepers through the habitat barrier continue to be Maisie’s main activities as her troop integration continues. Each day is a little different and allows Maisie to learn more about being a chimp from her troopmates while the Chimp Care Team carefully monitors the dynamics in her mini social group," The Maryland Zoo explained on Facebook.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List has deemed chimpanzees as an endangered species.

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