Moms First: Mishawaka mom writes children's book about courage

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A local mother decided to write a book to inspire her daughter to dream big.

The Little Shot book is now being sold at stores like Barnes and Noble and Amazon nationwide, which has inspired her to write a series.

The author says this is one of seven books, with the next one set to be published by the end of this year, with each book teaching a character value.

Tasha Eizinger says she wrote the book "The Little Shot" to help guide her daughter to follow her dreams.

"I wanted her to have lessons that carry her through life and to help her right now," said Eizinger. "The first book is about being courageous when pursuing your hopes, goals, and dreams."

The Mishawaka mom says this was an idea in the making for many years.

"This was a dream to be a published author at 19 or 20 and I'm now in my 30s so it took a while, and I had ideas swirling around in my head for years."

The book The Little Shot" seeks the advice of wise mentors and and eventually moves forward to inspire others by racing across the skies with the other “Big Shots”.

" A lot of people will share with us a quote that speaks to them and one woman said that failure is an event, not your identity," said Eizinger.

She says the book is a 2nd grade reading level but all ages can enjoy it, and the illustrations.

"The illustrator is actually an art teacher in Kentucky, so she designed the illustrations so she could teach her students how to recreate the pictures."

Tasha Eizinger says her best advice for local aspiring writers out there is to reach for the stars and paper.

"Get it on paper. Who cares if its great, because the first draft never is anyways."

The author is available to do book readings through zoom for local schools. For more details on how you can purchase the book, you can visit this link.

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