Investigation opened after man tasered by Chicago police

(Courtesy Anna Morentin via Storyful)

CHICAGO (STORYFUL) - Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability has opened an investigation into an incident that took place on July 3 where police tasered 30-year-old Angel Ramirez in front of his children at a gas station in Little Village, local media said.

The incident began over a dispute between Ramirez and the police when Ramirez was told by them to step back from a traffic stop he was filming on his phone.

An officer approached Ramirez and attempted to put his hand over his phone, Ramirez told NBC Chicago.

Video filmed by Ramirez’s wife shows him being tasered by the officers and falling to the ground. Citing the Chicago Police Department, NBC Chicago reported that Ramirez was charged with obstruction of justice charges and resisting arrest.

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