Caught on Camera: Deputy saves unresponsive newborn baby during traffic stop

Berkley County Sheriff's Office

A deputy saved an unresponsive baby during a traffic stop in South Carolina and it was all caught on camera.

Incredible video shows Berley County Sheriff's Deputy Kimbro leap into action upon seeing the lifeless 12-day-old baby.

It happened back on June 11 when Kimbro had pulled a car over for speeding. Once stopped, the driver of the vehicle jumped out and said that the baby wasn't breathing.

"Deputy W. Kimbro knew he needed to act immediately to save the baby’s life," the sheriff's office wrote in a Facebook post.

The baby's mom told Kimro that her child stopped breathing after drinking a bottle. The deputy then took the baby's limp body and performed life-saving first aid. Kimbro was able to get the baby breathing again until EMS arrived.

Kimbro was awarded the "Life-Saving Medal" from the sheriff's office because of his heroic actions.

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