Campaign Conversations with Scott Thuman: Beers with Bullock

Campaign Conversations with Scott Thuman: Beers with Bullock (Video: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

WASHINGTON (SBG) – In our efforts to let you hear from and get to know all of the candidates running for the White House, we’ve started a series called “Campaign Conversations.” In them, our Chief Political Correspondent Scott Thuman gets those who are hoping to earn your vote, to open up.

Here now, is the revealing conversation with Montana Governor and democratic presidential hopeful, Steve Bullock.

In a tucked-away bar in a back alley on Capitol Hill, it seems appropriate to talk about things or people, not on everyone’s radar. Meet Steve Bullock. Montana Governor and democrat running for president.

Thuman: “A major national newspaper said you’re the best-kept secret out there. Is that true?”

Bullock: “Well I’d like to think so, for sure.” “To be honest, I avoided cable television to a degree. I avoided a lot of the things that you get caught up in this city because it was about showing results, bringing people together and getting things done.”

What’s not so secret, his uncanny ability to keep winning even when Montana voters chose the republican presidential candidate.

Bullock: “Look, I was the only Democrat in the country to get reelected in a state where Donald Trump won. He took Montana by 20 in 2016. I won by 4.”

Thuman: “Are you saying that’s proof then, that people aren’t necessarily as divided as we say they are?”

Bullock: “I don’t care if your democrat, republican, libertarian, vegetarian. Whatever you call yourself, right? You want a safe community a decent job, a roof over your head.” “People want the economy to work or work for them and they want the government to work for them.”

Bullock is also the only governor in the race--and one who disagrees with his fellow democrats. A lot.

Thuman: “Do you think the left is going too far left?”

Bullock: “Folks that I talk to don’t want free everything. What they want is a fair shot.”

Thuman: “Let’s go through some issues We’ll kind of ‘lighting round’ them. Should Donald Trump should be impeached?”

Bullock: “Before 2 weeks ago I said no. Now I think that the inquiry has to go forward and we need to see where it goes.”

Thuman: “What do you think about the proposal to take back guns?”

Bullock: “Look, I think we have to do some things, and I’m a gun owner, to keep communities safe.” “Dicks and Walmart are no longer even selling assault weapons they’re not used for self defense they’re not used for hunting i don’t think we should sell them anymore either.”

Thuman: “Medicare for all?”

Bullock: “I think we should make sure that everybody should have access to affordable care. You could do it with a public option, negotiate drug prices, ending surprise medical billing. I wouldn’t do medicare for all.”

Thuman: “Would you decriminalize illegal crossings at the border?”

Bullock: “No.” “That’s a 90-year-old law. It’s only Trump that’s been using it to rip families apart.”

Thuman: “Free college tuition?”

Bullock: “I would not. I’d make free two-year college tuition.”

Thuman: “Decriminalize marijuana?”

Bullock: “I think it should be a state by state decision, like we’ve taken some great strides on medical marijuana in Montana but the federal government needs to get out of the way.”

Thuman: “President Trump loves to have nicknames for his opponents. There’s no nickname for you yet. Do you feel a little left out?”

Bullock: “Ha, ha. You know, probably do a little bit better once he gives me that nickname.”

Thuman: “You didn’t make the cut for 3 of the 4 debates. How much does that hurt you?”

Bullock: “Honestly, most folks aren’t tuned into the debates yet.” “Where it can hurt though, is if folks say well he’s not on the debate stage, he doesn’t have a shot.”

Thuman: “Tell me about your boots?”

Bullock: “What about these boots?”

Thuman: “Do you have boots that are alligator skin from a gator you killed?”

Bullock: “Actually, the boots I’m wearing.” “Yes, I did go out and go alligator hunting and now I have boots to show for it.”

Still living in his childhood home, the husband and father of three has run more than a dozen marathons and knows this race will require ‘long-distance’ mentality too.

Thuman: “Can you promise your supporters you’ll stick around through Iowa?”

Bullock: “Absolutely.” “We’re 4 months away from any voter expression of preference and I’m gonna be there every step of the way.”

Editor's Note: Sinclair is reaching out to all of the candidates and you’ll see more of these ‘Campaign Conversations’ each week. For a link and behind the scenes moments from the interviews, follow Scott on Twitter @ScottThuman

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