Bodycam footage shows officer shoot dog that ran at him

The dog was not killed in the incident. (Kewanee Police Department)

KEWANEE, Ill. (STORYFUL)- Police in Kewanee, Illinois, have released bodycam footage that shows the moment leading up to a police officer shooting a dog that ran at him on Friday, October 11.

According to the Kewanee Police Department, a police officer was responding to reports of an aggressive pit bull charging at a number of people in Kewanee.

Bodycam footage shared by the department begins with the police officer speaking to a neighbor who says the dog charged at him three times and tried to bite him. The pit bull can be heard barking throughout the video and can be seen standing at the edge of the street.

The footage then shows the police officer retrieving a catch pole from the back of his squad car. As the officer is speaking with a dispatcher on the phone, the dog can be seen barking and advancing towards him.

The clip then shows the police officer ordering the dog to “get back”. The police officer then shoots the dog. The dog was not killed in the incident.

Police shared the bodycam footage in an effort to "maintain an honest and transparent relationship with the citizens of Kewanee. Several false claims circulated on social media about the shooting, police said.

The owner of the pit bull, Jessica Smith, was later cited for the city ordinance violation for allowing a dog to run at large.

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