Couple celebrates anniversary after months of meeting through window of care facility

Courtesy: Drew Percival

Over the weekend an elderly couple from Walla Walla celebrated 56 years of marriage together in the same room.

Darell Weathermon, 77 who goes by Bud now lives at Windsong, a memory care loss facility in Kennewick.

Bud's been there since July and his wife Kathie,75 tells Action News she makes the drive from Walla Walla to visit him at least twice a week.

Up until recently the two were only able to visit each other through a glass window because of the pandemic.

Saturday, February 27th was the day of their wedding anniversary and the pair had the opportunity to celebrate during Kathie's visit with safety precautions.

"Being able to sit down to visit for a 15 or 20 minute period is completely different than visiting with somebody for 10 minutes through a window you just communicate better you feel a little more a part of their lives just because you're spending time with them," Kathie said.

Kathie says over the years Bud's memory loss has worsened and while it's difficult to be away from him, Kathie says she knows the staff at Windsong take a lot better care of him than she could with his condition.

"You reach a point where you're not able to keep Bud safe and that's the bottom line is to keep them safe and to keep them happy and if you can't keep them safe you've got to get help for them," Kathie said.

Action News asked Kathie what the secret is to a life-long marriage and she says it's not about keeping score.

"Your life and your marriage and your kids it's not all about you it's about all of you and you can't take the chores where everybody does exactly 50 percent sometimes you have to do more and sometimes you have to do less the secret is to do what needs to be done," Kathie said.

Happy Belated Anniversary Bud and Kathie!

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