'Dogs for Donald' give Trump more political bite

Buttons endorsing Donald Trump are popping up on dogs around South Florida.

The presidential election is going to the dogs, so to speak.

A local entrepreneur is trying to help Donald trump get a leg up on the competition.

You may notice pooches around Palm Beach wearing pins. It's all part of campaign to fetch support for the GOP front-runner and it's called "Dogs for Donald."

"Everybody is warmed by the idea of dogs getting involved in our election and I think it's time for us all to get involved this year," said Arthur Benjamin, Delray resident and founder of American Dog Rescue.

Benjamin says he was on a walk with his Shih Tzu named Bandit when he dug up the idea for "Dogs for Donald."

"Bandit, my service dog, and I have lots of conversations and he's been over to Mar-a-Lago many times and he likes Donald and he thinks Donald is an incredibly human guy that it doesn't always come across."

Benjamin is now handing out buttons that feature a photo OF Trump and bandit. Benjamin hopes the image will help soften Trumps bark.

"Getting the dogs to play. It will get the message out," said Autumn Gill, A local dog owner.

Thousands of pet owners have already registered on in order give their dogs a voice.

Benjamin says the website is just place to show support and enjoy a doggone good laugh.

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