Ohio activist falsely identified as Nazi saluting Trump supporter demands apology

Portia Boulger, a local activist, who had her picture & information attached to another picture of a woman giving a Nazi salute outside the canceled Trump rally in Chicago. (WSYX/WTTE)

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- A picture of a Donald Trump supporter doing a "heil Hitler" style salute outside of a canceled Chicago rally Friday quickly went viral when it was posted by the Chicago Tribune.

In the caption, Tribune identified the supporter as Birgitt Peterson from a town outside Chicago.

But soon after the photo went viral, a central Ohio woman found herself at the center of the controversy.

"My sense of peace has been taken away," said Portia Boulger who is the social media director for the Women for Bernie Sanders campaign.

Over the weekend, Boulger says she woke up to her picture and name attached to the picture of Petterson giving the Nazi salute. The online post accused the Sanders supporter of working on behalf of the Sanders campaign to make Trump look bad.

"The only thing I can conclude is that it's somebody who thinks my voice is strong enough, wants to shut it down," said Boulger.

The tweet with Boulger's information started going even more viral after it was re-tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. and actor James Woods. Portia captured screenshots of Donald Trump Jr.'s tweets, which no longer appear on his Twitter page. A version of the tweet still exists on Woods' Twitter feed.

"Donald Trump owes me an apology. He owes my family an apology," said Boulger.

The Chillicothe woman says she's been getting threats on her Facebook page ever since.

"They said they wanted me to get raped by people who had aids, they want my children to get cancer and die," said Boulger. She now has an attorney and is demanding an apology from Donald Trump, Jr.

Boulger now says after the threats, she's frightened to go out at night, but she says she won't back down from supporting the causes she believes in, and says she will spread positivity not hate.

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