Celebrity star power hits the campaign trail for young voters in battleground Nevada

Nevada Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto held an event with actresses Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrera to kick off a canvass with local students in Las Vegas 11/6/16 (Jami Seymore | KSNV)

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - In an effort to encourage young voters to Get Out The Vote, Nevada Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto brought along some celebrity star power to the Silver State.

Cortez Masto teamed up with actresses Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrera to kick off a canvass with students Sunday afternoon in East Las Vegas.

While praising Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democrats down the ticket, the special guests also encouraged the students in the room to vote on Tuesday -- and to bring their friends with them.

“We have to send a message and the work you are doing to turn out voters in these last days can be the difference, and there’s so much work to be done,” said Ferrera. “You guys showing up with the information and the encouragement to get out the vote is going to make a difference.”

Ferrera also pointed out that while canvassing, if the students encounter anyone without a ride to the polls, Voto Latino is partnering with Lyft to offer free rides to go vote on Election Day.

The speakers also stressed another hot-button topic of this election: the search for a new Supreme Court justice and how it could affect the country's future.

“Remind them that the next president could appoint up to three Supreme Court justices. That is not about the next four years; that is about the next 25 to 50 years. We’re talking about the rest of our lifetime and what that looks like,” said Ferrera.

Tamblyn mainly focused on the presidential candidates, even bringing up Donald Trump's recent claim that Clark County polling locations were wrongly kept open late on Friday, the last day of early voting in the state.

She also followed Ferrera's suit, encouraging young voters in the room to continue their canvassing efforts and make a difference.

“It really matters that each of you get out there and help not only push the vote and make sure that people go out and actually go to the polls but to help protect them,” said Tamblyn. “You guys are doing the hard work, you’re doing the work of actually getting people to the polls and to vote.”

Cortez Masto wrapped up the canvass kick-off, reminding students that it's also important for them to vote down the ticket for the party.

“There are still people on the fence. There are still people not sure about this election and what they’re hearing,” said Cortez Masto. “There is a lot Hillary is fighting for. Just know it’s about the economy, it’s about jobs, it’s about your children’s future and our future, it’s about the environment, it’s about the college debt that is out there and how we have to embrace it. It is about your future and everyone else’s, but Hillary cannot do it alone. She needs a Congress that she can work with.”

Shortly after the canvass kick-off, eager students rushed to get a photo with the celebrity guests before setting off on their various canvassing routes.

Cortez Masto, Tamblyn, and Ferrera then made their way to the College of Southern Nevada - Cheyenne Campus to introduce Sen. Bernie Sanders at a rally for Clinton.

Before stopping in Nevada, Tamblyn and Ferrera appeared at a campaign event in Colorado with fellow actresses Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer. The two will continue their pre-election battleground state tour in Arizona on Monday.

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